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Satya Bhattacharya

Satya Bhattacharya

Dear Reader

The Coronavirus pandemic made the summer of 2020 a horrible time for all of us.

I am a surgeon. I live and work in London. The “2.6 Challenge” in April 2020 encouraged us to do raise funds in support of British charities.
Many chose to do physical things to raise money. But I am a bookish nerd.
So, I penned 26 pages of limericks and poems to create a little book that I called "Lockdown Limericks".
Some of the poems were funny and some were not. Not all were limericks either. The illustrations were my own doodles.

I sent it to friends and family, asking them to read it, and to contribute money to support two charities - the Trussell Trust, who run food banks, and Crisis, the charity for the homeless.
I was amazed and humbled by the generosity of everyone I wrote to!

Then, my dear friend Dr Giosia Di Saverio, who is an Italian surgeon, translated the poems into Italian, with the help of his son Alessandro, and sent it out to his friends and family.
I was amazed in equal measure by the generosity of so many people in Italy who contributed.

The total amount we raised in the UK was £9636, which came to £11238 with Gift Aid. That fundraising drive is now closed.

Finally, I translated them myself into Bengali (Bangla). I took out some and put in a few new ones, with new drawings to go with them. I also listed a charity in Bengal that readers could support.

All three versions are on this website. You can open them by clicking on the icons below. They are best read with a whole page to view at a time.
If you think any of your family, friends or workmates may like to read it, please forward and share.
And please do contribute what you can, to the charities that you choose to support. People need to help each other more than ever.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity! Stay safe and stay well.

Satya Bhattacharya

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